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Claim-to-Fame: The Tree Spirits of St. Simons Island

Locals love to claim them and tourists long to find them. They are our magical friends, the tree spirits, and they might just inspire you. Created by artist and unassuming local celebrity, Keith Jennings, the first tree spirit arrived on St. Simons Island in 1982....

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Go Green: Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Savannah Way!

What on God's green earth would possess someone to wear such a thing, you might ask? Only the biggest, brightest, and most exciting day of the year in Savannah, Georgia!  So, "Come on, y'all!"  The legendary parade and other public events will take place on Saturday,...

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Mackerel Sky: Dry Turns Wet And Wet Turns Dry

Ripples in cirrocumulous clouds resemble fish scales, which is why this view is sometimes called a "mackerel sky". These clouds develop when water vapor undergoes deposition and forms ice crystals where little water vapor is present. An old saying goes, "Mackerel sky,...

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Clemson University Turtle Study Proves Intent to Dent

Local turtles were left shaking in their shells last week after a "People Run Over Turtles on Purpose" report went viral and made headlines around the country. Luckily for us, many different turtle species still call The Golden Isles home, despite the occasional...

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Georgia's Shrimp Season To Close Without Extension

Georgia’s food shrimp season is scheduled to close at 6:30 p.m. on Dec. 31, 2012.  The closure includes all harvests of food shrimp including commercial trawling and commercial/recreational cast netting and beach seining.  For more information on the closure of food...

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