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What on God’s green earth would possess someone to wear such a thing, you might ask? Only the biggest, brightest, and most exciting day of the year in Savannah, Georgia!  So, “Come on, y’all!”  The legendary parade and other public events will take place on Saturday, March 16th, and everyone is invited!

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Savannah is renowned for a reason. It’s truly unforgettable and if you’re one of those people searching for a little piece of humanity in this world… it can actually be found on the streets of this funky, southern town. The traditions are heartfelt, strangers become family, and everyone looks good in green.


Bring your reddest lipstick and let the kisses fly! This is more than just a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tradition.  It’s actually a real tear-jerker to watch, and the overall sense of gratitude from the crowd will really warm your heart.

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without bagpipes!

Other parade favorites include: Clydesdales, beauty queens on floats (who doesn’t love a good queen’s wave?), and “Billie,” the breast cancer awareness fire truck.

Hometown Mention: The Golden Isles Emerald Society sure knows how to pump things up!

Wondering how to get around Savannah on the busiest day of the year? Pirate ships, beer carts, army jeeps, marching, and/or school buses are all perfectly acceptable modes of transportation on St. Patrick’s Day.

Green fountains are a sure sign that the countdown is on and the party is near!

REMEMBER:  Every party is at risk of a PARTY FOUL! Falling out of a window would be a real bummer and wetting your pants would be memorable, but not in a fun kind of way. Keep some cash in your pocket and plan accordingly!


“If you’re lucky enough to be in Savannah on St. Patrick’s Day, you’re lucky enough!”